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Auroville - The Land I Love

This song is my present to Auroville, the land I love, for its 50th anniversary.

I am in love with Auroville since I met her in 1986. I was 5 years old, and I remember it's red earth, it's warmth and an immense feeling of freedom. It was in Aspiration. From Pondy Auroville boutique someone told my stepfather, Guy Piacentino, to bring me and my mother, both sick to rest in Auroville. They had already heard about Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, me not yet...

The days went by and I fell in love with Auroville's beauty, simplicity and free spirit. I was then about six years old when I met Keya, an old lady who lived also in Aspiration and whom had worked with Satprem. We became friends and she started reading to me Satprem's 'Gringo'. And I loved it so much that I would go to see her as much as possible. I would ask her over and over to read that same one passage to me one passage : 'La gorge violette' - where 2 kids transcend death.

And since the 4 years I lived in Auroville my love for her is immense. I am sad not to be able to be there for her 50th birthday, but my present is a song and video clip I did there recently.

:) happy birthday Auroville and all its inhabitants. Lots of love from freezing Geneva. Circé

This video shows many of the beauties of Auroville and Tamil Nadu. Surf was my Yoga, that's where I found inner Peace of Mind, Body and Soul, that's were I felt connected to all, earth, wind water, people.

And music is how I like to share it all :)

Filmed in Auroville and on the road to Pondicherry, in August 2017. Sharnga, Utility, Auroville main road down to Kalliallay surf school and Pondy flower market.

Many thanks to : - Tom Mo : Cameraman & Editor in Auroville, Tamil Nadu India - the assistants in Auroville : Tirenti & Aashay - to Auroville and Auroville Outreach Media for their authorization, - to Mirrabelle and her horse. - to Bernard Borg, for his angry face, - to Shanti, Bernard's wife for her Ganesh Pooja, - to Juan and Kalliallay surf school - and the lady at the flower market, and all the ones I forgot, please forgive me, and thank you for your presence. Circé

Song written by Circé & composed by Circé & Diego Gadenz Arranged by Circé & Diego Gadenz Vocals & Backing vocals : Circé Guitarist & Backing vocals : Diego Gadenz Drums : Nando Drums

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